Chardonnay - Wente “Riva Ranch”- Monterey
44 /12

Moscato D’Asti - Bastasiolo - Piedmont
36 /10

Pinot Grigio - Pighin - Friuli
36 /10

*Riesling-Kabinett(Reserve) - Bürgerspital Würzburg
44 /12

Riesling•Demi-Dry - Feßenbacher - Baden
36 /10

Sauvignon Blanc - Villa Maria-Marlborough - ws90.
40 /11

* The Same Grape. . . Please note while we’re waiting for the arrival of our new wines from Germany, we have began to pour the Kabinett or Reserve class of the wine you have been drinking this past year.

It is made with the Same grape, same year, same vineyard, winery and wine maker. The only difference was that the grapes were allowed to ripen on the vine until September, hence more residual sugar.

But remember, this same grape picked four weeks earlier produce that nearly bone dry multi-layered wine we’ve been drinking all year. This Natural sweetness in the Kabinett adds another layer, but then wait, for the acid and then a third note as well. Its balanced.

Just try it, at least once for comparison.